Sleaford Mods - "Tarantula Deadly Cargo"

De su reciente álbum Key Markets, aquí están los Sleaford Mods con el video de Tarantula Deadly Cargo. Al respecto, esto fue lo que encontré en

"Tarantula Deadly Cargo is the 9th track of Key Markets, the 7th Sleaford Mods album, and their 3rd “true album”. The name of the song comes from the awful horror movie of the same name.
The lyrics are really different to the rest of the album. Entirely sung, they’re built on a long metaphor, including alien ships and cornettos.The song is apparently about their manager, who can’t stop farting on the tour bus.
In a musical way, the song, released earlier as a promotional single, is the most post-punk thing that Sleaford Mods have ever done."

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