The Eraser - Décimo Aniversario

The EraserPor: Mateo Bonells

I never understood how people like heavy metal o una parranda vallenata a toda mecha en un apartamento pequeño!!
Pero si entiendo que el arte es un tema de tómalo o déjalo, de la misma forma que The Eraser no es un album para todo el mundo.
Are you into synthesizers, Warp's catalog, ambient, Paul Lansky, masterful works of noise art and beach day sailing melodies?
Are you into Can's bass slap?
Are you into Aphex Twin's violent random precision percussion and sweet warm lullabies?
Are you into SAD-SAD poetry and serious hallucinogenic experiences?
If the answer is yes, then you'll appreciate the new dimention of groove that The Eraser has to offer.
Se trata de la filosofia Thomyorkeciana,
Basada en la premisa: "We are accidents waiting to happen"
If you have had a fucked up life
O crees que la has tenido
Or if your own head is out to get you
Si sientes compassion y empatía por Sysiphus and Oedipus tragedy when life comes to you begging you to stop because you are doing it to yourself and that's what really hurts y estás atrapado en la ilusión samsárica del poor me poor me y ver el vaso siempre medio vacío en vez de medio lleno, when I can see you but I can never reach you es tu mantra and your mother has put all your fears into you.
If you're pain has become great enough to make you crave happiness onto the verge of a spiritual awakening
When you think down ward spiral poetry can't get any lower 
Here's The Eraser bitches 
This shit will tele-transport you to a place where you can feel the back of your head going down into your chest and your ears melt behind your spine as your heart is being shot out dense  and compact in to a warm swallow hole 
Is hard not to be condecendent
When you think you are the one with the refined eccentric eclectic goood taste
That is Thom
La práctica hace al genio pero el talento es innato
Y en 2006, between Hail To The Thief and In Rainbows, The Eraser (appeared)
Why did he do it alone?
Because he became a fucking genius
And that's what geniuses do
Este fue claramente el comienzo de su era de teclado
Simple chord progression
True electronic music lover
Sampling live instrumentation
Sampling his own voice
Works with Apparat, Dj Shadow
The work of a drum machine prodigious
The work of an accomplished artist who has been around 
Quien tiene sus géneros y sonidos claros y sabe como mezclarlos
Thom: I won't put anything out that doesn't freak me out
That doesn't break my heart that doesn't make me cry
A very simple gorgeous out of tune arpeggio over a yummy sounding bass
A very simple  gorgeous out of tune arpeggio over a yummy sounding bass
And the synth
Holy shit the synth
It rips my skin with the truth coming out of the Vangelist's Blade Runner abyss towards the gap between thoughts, it stays right there in the blind spot of the mirror coming at me so deliriously and fucked up hallucinogenic....
And if you really want to cry
There is the track Atoms For Peace
But this one takes you to his room with him while he is making it
After a very rainy night here comes your mom to smother you "come on son"!! 
Let's make it work!!
Con el bajito chiquitico! que rico! haaaa!!
Finalmente, The Eraser artwork by Stanley Donwood, a masterpiece in itself!

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